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Attached is a PDF of the brackets for the 2016 Sectionals. Any changes/updates to the PDF will be listed here.

Changes in revision 9 (11/3 12:50 pm)

  • Final sites and times are set.
    • at Gates Chili on 11/4, Class A at 6 pm, Class AA at 8 pm
    • at Webster Thomas on 11/4, Class B at 6 pm.
    • at Geneseo HS on 11/5, Class C2 at 3 pm, Class C1 at 5 pm
    • at Warsaw on 11/5, Class D2 at 3 pm, Class D1 at 5 pm

Changes in revision 8 (10/31 2:44 pm)

  • The Bloomfield semifinals (B, C2) have been moved back to 7:30 and 5:30 pm.
  • Cuba-Rushford vs Bol-Rich (D1) is at Genesee Valley at 5:30

Changes in revision 7 (10/31 11:45 am)

  • D2 semifinals changes - Finney vs Hammondsport at Livonia 6 pm. Kendall vs Honeyoe at Geneseo 5:30 pm.

Changes in revision 6 (10/31 7:00 am)

  • Updated with quarterfinal results.
  • Semifinal times are 7:30 for the upper half of the bracket, 5:30 for the lower except for the matches being played in Bloomfield (B, C2) which are 7pm/5pm.

Changes in revision 5

  • Updated with pre-quarterfinal results and quarterfinal times.
  • Class B semifinals will be held at Bloomfield.

Changes in revision 4

  • Match 19 in Class C1 (NR-W at Mynderse) is now at 5 pm.

Changes in revision 3

  • Match 32 in Class D1 (Bolivar-Richburg vs Rochester Academy) is at Dansville at 7PM - following Dansville home match
  • Match 25 in Class C2 (Avon vs Letchworth) is moved to 5 pm
  • Match 24 in Class C2 (Canisteo-Greenwood vs Pembroke) is moved to Letchworth at 7 pm

Changes in revision 2

  • Destiny Christian has forfeited match 38 in class D2
  • Match 24 in Class C2 (Canisteo-Greenwood vs Pembroke) is at Wayland Cohocton at 5 PM
  • The dates for the C and D playoffs were incorrect in the original. The date will be 11/8 or 11/9
Download this file (2016 Brackets v9.pdf)2016 Brackets[Brackets v9]114 kB

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