Dayton Jr's Terrible Tournament

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9 years 3 months ago #31222 by bumpsetcrush
Dayton Jr's Terrible Tournament was created by bumpsetcrush
TheRegional/Americandivision of the Dayton Jr’s President’s Day tournament was the most poorly designed tournament I have ever been to, and I assume it was designed this way to make more money for the Ohio Valley Region, who actually ran the tournament.

The setup was pools of 6 playing on two courts. The first problem was trying to do this twice a day which meant 14 matches in a row on every court. That is 14 straight 2/3 matches scheduled for 1 hour each on every court. The upside here is that OVR gets 50% more teams on two courts than they would if they scheduled pools of 4, so 50% more revenue. The downside is that if a court goes late its late all day. The last court to finish did so at 1:15 am on Sunday morning. My team finished at 12:15am. One of the teams in the pool actually plays the last 3 scheduled matches of the day. So the team we played had 3 matches in a row, ending at 12:15 am. When I complained about this tournament officials said to me “Well, you know, if some of the matches take 3 sets, things are going to go late.â€￾ To which I replied “Yes, I do know that, but why didn’t you know that and build in some slack?â€￾ They had no answer but I do believe it was the revenues.

They also split the pool play into waves. You played the 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th. On for three hours, off for either 3 or 4, then play or work for 4 more. This part was annoying but would have been tolerable if it was on time.

Pools of 6 give you 5 matches, so they used bracket play plus consolation in order to guarantee 7 matches over the 2 days. During playoffs if you won, you had to work a consolation match. When has the winner ever had to work before? Also, the consolation matches took place before the next winners match, so the winners had to wait before playing again. The result of that is that some teams work twice during playoffs on the day they are expecting to go home. Finally (and I hope I read this wrong) The winner of the normal playoffs had to play a team that had lost a match. Not double elimination, but apparently some consolation match.

I won’t be taking my team back to Dayton Jr’s unless they implement 4 team pools.

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9 years 3 months ago #28199 by vb101
Replied by vb101 on topic Dayton Jr's Terrible Tournament
Amazing how things turn around. I remember the days before WAVE where at East Coast Champions and Bay State and etc... a 2 day tournament meant 3 pools of 4 and then brackets. So much play, it was so much fun. We complained for years about the change to WAVE because we didn't get to play as much and still paid the same.

Was at open nationals a few years ago in a 7 team pool best of 5, thought it was a blast.

Am curious, if Dayton Jrs tourney was run the same in Dayton (where opens) were as in Columbus (where clubs) were? Dayton convention center is small. Columbus is large.

Remember another dying breed, men's and women's usa vb tournaments, more than a few had finals after midnight. We all thought it was fun. We loved to play, give us more. Have to play 3 matches in a row, tiring, but cool. Winning team having to ref, because they have to play later, and losers can get on the road, we just figured it was part of being a gracious winner. That too is normal outside of 4 team WAVE pools. Guess it has all changed. Different perspective now than what us old foggies have.

Never been much of a fan of WAVE because of all this, but have accepted it as the path we are on. A vacation for half the day; unless you are after a bid or have already achieved one, then it is business.

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